Bee Miner









Length: Approx 14km loop


Description:  The ride starts out with a 6km, 350m climb up a dirt road before descending through singletrack. As you climb, keep your eye out for a set of bee hives on your right hand side at about the 6km mark – you are close to the singletrack entrance.  Continue another 100 metres or so and you will see the shadow of a track off to the right. The entrance to the track has been left deliberately obscure to limit motor bike access.  The first section of singletrack is relatively steep, descending 100m in the first 800m of trail.   The next section weaves along beside a watercourse and in and out of a couple of gullies before climbing gently through a nice deco section at the top of which is an awesome rock garden (which is completely rideable if you keep your momentum!). The final section of singletrack takes you back to the dirt road you began on and is actually the beginning of the “Miners” trail. It is more of a loamy type soil and can get gluggy in the wet. Enjoy the return to your car along the road, some riders have reached speeds of up to 60km/hour along here (not recommended!). 


Trail Access:   Turn off the Kennedy Highway onto Tinaroo Creek Rd.  Follow Tinaroo Creek Road. It will become a dirt road, continue to follow it. After you cross the first concrete causeway there will be a long straight stretch of dirt road. You can park anywhere along here. At the end of the straight stretch, there is a turn into the creek on the left, this is a good place to park. If you want to shorten the ride by a few kilometres, continue past the straight and you will climb 150m in 2.5km and come to a creek crossing with a concrete causeway – this is also a good spot to park.


Notes:  Not recommended to ride in the wet. 


Downloads:  Garmin File

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