The club membership fee is $10. Membership is valid for a calendar year.  All members get an email invite to our Scenic Sunday rides. NOTE: Insurance is required. This can either be purchased through an MTBA membership ($45) or by purchasing a day licence each time ($5). 


Benefits of club membership

  1. Regular email updates and invitations to club events.
  2. SMS alerts for urgent information.
  3. Support ongoing activities of the club. Primarily trail maintenance and construction.
  4. N.B No personal accident insurance cover is provided with this membership.  All riders are participating in activities at their own risk. To purchase insurance cover, select Option 2 below.


How to join

Option 1: via email

Applications to join the club can be made via email to Please supply the following information:


Postal Address:

Mobile Telephone Number:

Email Address:


Option 2: online        (note you will need to pay an MTBA joining fee if you choose this option)

Go to the Mountain Bike Australia website.

Use the map of Australia and navigate to QLD

Find Mareeba Mountain Goats in the list of clubs (we’re on about the 3rd page)

Click the “Join” button

The “social” membership, which is $45 for the insurance and $10 for the club membership will allow you to participate in all club social rides. The “Senior Competition” membership is $100 and if you are participating in races, this is definitely the way to go, it saves you paying for a $20 day permit every time you race.


Benefits of Mountain Bike Australia membership (selecting the Mareeba Mountain Goats as your club)

  1. Rolling licenses (valid for 12 months from date of purchase)
  2. Flexibility in membership types (both recreational and competitive)
  3. All money collected by MTBA is returned to mountain biking clubs and riders
  4. All members can race all MTBA events nationwide (club, state series, state championships, national series, national championships)
  5. You get additional insurance coverage – income protection and non-medicare cover – at sanctioned MTBA activities by being a full MTBA member.
  6. You only have to fill in forms once every 12 months instead of at every event, saving you time and the club volunteer’s time in administration.